Documents and Tools prepared for Amazon deforestation monitoring by ALOS project


 [Download] (latest version is v.x.xx) << Coming soon!! Wait a moment.

 - This tool can view and analyze ALOS PALSAR images.

Exif Writer for Android

 [Download] (latest version is v.0.1)

 - This tool can record Latitude, Longitude, Direction and Tilt information as Exif in JPG file.



Several documents and Tools (Interactive PC software) were developed and still updating. Some of the documents and tools are modified from individual proprietary of JICA expert participating the project and some were developed from the activities of the project. The tools and documents may be useful for whom wants to utilize ALOS data. The application area may not be limited to the deforestation monitoring.


Documents covers all about ALOS system, ALOS data handling, PALSAR image characteristics and image interpretation using ALOS PALSAR. Handbook on Image Interpretation handles PALSAR image interpretation for deforestation monitoring. This documents is still under development and will be updated.

Tools and Manuals

Tools are PC programs working on Windows XP environment. Program is functionally separated into several independent or cooperative working programs. Functions of Programs are;

1)     PALSARViewer: handles all ALOS PALSAR data, opening CEOS format FBD,FBS images, generate color composite of FBD, color composite of multi temporal FBD,FBS, orthographic conversion using SRTM or ASTERGDM, handling K&C ScanSAR strip image to create multitemporal color composite, export process data as GeoTif, export KML polygon, etc.

2)     ALOSViewer: handles all ALOS optical data and Pansharpend data. CEOS format data input and export as GeoTiff, orthographic conversion, export KML polygon, etc.

3)     PALSARProcessor: process PALSAR Level 1.0 data, into Level 1.1 SLC data.

4)     PALSARFringe: generats interferogram, and differential interferogram from two dates SLC pair processed by PALSARProcessor.

5)     PALSARPhaseUnwrap: unwrap interferogram generated by PALSARFringe to convert Digital Elevation Model (DEM).

6)     PanSharpen: Generate 2.5m resolution color image from PRISM and AVNIR2 to GeoTif color composite images (false color and true color).

7)     GeoTiff convertor: convert CEOS format ALOS images to GeoTiff images.

8)     PRISMDem: generate Digital Surface Model (DSM) from PRISM stereo pair. No RPC file necessary. New version for easier repair process is under development.

All programs are interactive GUI interface and associated with user’s manual.
The programs are still under improvement and often revised. You must check newest versions.

Exif Writer

 [Download] (latest version is v.0.1)

 - This tool can record Latitude, Longitude, Direction and Tilt information as Exif in JPG
 - That's source code will launch at here soon.

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